Alphacool NexXxoS GPX
Configurator Instruction

Because of the different hardware layouts (even for the experienced water cooling enthusiasts) it is a little difficult to find the right choice of a compatible graphic card cooler.

Our configurator offers help in this case.
It should be noted that the name of the graphic card and especially the PCB number (also known as P/N or Part Number) has to match each other correctly. Usually the number can be find on the original packaging or on the front or back side of the graphic card.

The graphic card can be also identified through the free software program GPU-Z. After the Installation/Start of the program a window will open with the information of the installed graphic card.

After clicking the “Lookup” button, the website  will open in a new tab at your browser. You can find the part number of the manufacturer under the category “Graphic Card”.

You cannot find a water block that fits to your hardware? No problem!
We produce high efficient water blocks that exactly fit to your hardware (at least AMD 3xx or Nvidia 9xx generation).
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