Aquatuning -
Como tudo começou

The history of Aquatuning began in 2002 when it was founded in Germany. The soaring temperatures during summer first led to the thought of actually cooling a, at first the own, computer with water.
From the first prototypes (actually still running on an Athlon XP 2000+) derivated, after planing and testing for three months, the very first Aquatuning CPU waterblock. That was the start in a hot (or actually cool) introduction to the market.
From the very beginning on our priority in development was the average personal computer and therefore we were able to close a niche that our competitors were not able to serve. 250€ being the price for entering the world of watercooling with a set of copper waterblocks, Aquatuning was able to offer its complete sets at a competitively priced 100€.
From the idea to offer coolers, radiators, pumps, water tanks and accessories at favorable prices and as customer-friendly as possible the first homepage emerged in 2003.

Great demand soon after brought that in the middle of 2003 the OS-Commerce based Aquatuning shop went online. Our  storage facilities were expanded constantly to serve the growing demands for products and to raise the standards in service and availability.
Over time the online store grew further, from 65 products in 2003 to over 400 in 2005. The whole time our main principle and promise was kept: All products (>99%) in stock.
Therefore we were always able to keep extremely short delivery times. Even though the stocking of all products is very resource-intense it gives unique advantages for our customers. Orders are processed right upon money reception, usually the same day.

Having been focused on corporate customers, Aquatuning was able to complete great projects in cooperation with other businesses which would have not been possible on our own. Aquatuning therefore grew to be a powerful distributor and producer of products marketed at first europe-wide and now worldwide.

AntiCorro-Fluid, UV-Powerfluid, AT-Protect-Clear, the PCAT line of products (CPU, GPU, NB coolers und reservoirs), Triple Pile HDD waterblock, HeatAnnihilator, Alutube, Unlocker AT-1 and the CORA Radiator are just some of the developments we were involved in.
Thanks to close cooperation we were also able to stock high-end products. The CAPE and Revoltec products as well as the watercooling components from the NexXxos lineup stand for supreme quality of manufacturing as well as cooling performance.
In the beginning of 2005 the expansion of our storage facilities began. Due to the expansion we were able to stock even more products and furthermore increase our advance in availability, speed and customer service.

In the spring of 2005 our old Server was at the brim of its capacity, as it caused issues due to the amount of customer requests. We therefore moved onto a new Server, and at the same time redesigned and improved our homepage. New features such as different groups of customers, incl. and excl. VAT, Credit card payment, an improved  billing process and many more were implemented.
During the course of the year we expanded our product portfolio massively. Next to products from Aquatuning and Alphacool products from the lineup of the Aquacomputer company were taken into stock. Our assortment of tubing and connectors was also expanded.
The year of 2006 brought the beginning of a radical redesign of the company Aquatuning. The decision to become the (first)  full-line distributor led to implementation of more and more watercooling lineups: With Innovatek, Watercool, DangerDen and some other producers agreements were established. To manage the mass of products we moved into a completely new building in the city of Bielefeld. Through our good conditions of purchase and the optimized new location we were then able to also serve the corporate market as a distributor. At the same time we introduced a modern merchandise management system designed for the wholesale market.
By the end of 2006 our concept of ''all items (>99%) in stock'' came to the attention of many resellers and computer stores. Thus the change to ''Aquatuning Gmbh'' followed.

During the course of the year 2007 we were able to offer a never before seen variety of merchandise. Practically all renowned manufacturers in the world are listed in our store. With many we were able to achieve agreements of distribution, making us the largest watercooling full-line retailer and distributor in Europe. Our shop system was improved to show exact stock online and give information about expected arrival dates. This honesty before our customers made for many happy and trusting customers.
By the end of 2007 we expanded our lineup by the category of ''Cases and Power supplies'' and still continue to expand our range of products in these categories.

Today Aquatuning stands for:
•    Professional consultancy
•    Quick processing, short delivery times
•    Full-line retailer: Nearly all manufacturers in stock
•    Fair pricing, sharply calculated
•    Innovation and development
•    Quality: save your hardware and nerves

What the future will bring:
We continuously improve our lineup and stand as a professional partner both for customers and manufacturers. Visit our Web shop and assure yourself of the customer-friendly product display, the helpful guidance, the variety of products and our service via Email / forum or telephone. Watercooling is the key to the computers of tomorrow. More calculating power needs more cooling. We deliver it.